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Just some really cute and Kawaii stuff pulled onto this one blog, and extent from my other blog Kanji Kolor Otaku! Don't worry you can ask me for the URL if you don't want to look it up. I love anime, Vocaloid, K-pop AND J-pop. I hope you stay around for the CUTE stuff! :3 Inbox me, follow me! <3

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Fave Fictional Character: Jeremy (You’re Beautiful)

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Chunji hyunggg ;_;



Aish you really do want my butt kicked huh..

you’re my favourite hyung ever eue


i just want ljoe to you i’m better u.u


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She winked at me! :O

She winked at me! :O

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My fav cakes (by babykins.)

My fav cakes (by babykins.)

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